Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kailey turns 3

I can not believe what I just wrote, but it is true. My baby is three years old. She got to choose where to go to eat, Chuck E. Cheese, and then we came home for cupcakes and candles. Kyle and I decided to get her a little playhouse to put outside. Jake and Kyle went to pick it up on Monday and then spent this afternoon setting it up. I'm not sure who was more excited about it, her or Jake, because he got to be such a big part of the surprise. Kyle did a beautiful job of creating a little play area for them in the corner of the yard. He bought them a tree swing. Then on Monday he cut back the limbs to make everything fit perfectly under the tree. He also laid out a brick foundation and created a little flower garden just for the new "club house." He is such a great girl's dad. We also moved the sand box over to the same area of the yard so that they have their own little oasis. (DISCLAIMER: When I use the term 'we' I mean Kyle.) We are going to have a small party on Saturday, so come back for those pictures. One little note. I guess the house needed some plumbing work done, but it's ok, Kailey got it taken care of. (This is one slight problem we have now that there is no diaper to keep the pants up.)


The White Family said...

Too cute! We miss you guys. Key to the plumber issue, adjustable waisted pants. That's all we buy for Georgia because NOTHING her size fits her tiny tiny waist. Oh to have such problems. :)