Thursday, August 23, 2007

School Days

Well, Jake has started kindergarten. He has faired much better than his mother. My problem is, he is such an enjoyable guy that I really miss not having him around all the time. He is going to private school, so he is only there for a half day session. Funny thing is, it's too long for him. Last week(his first week) Kyle said, "How long till he says he doesn't want to go?" I responded with the fact that I didn't think it would happen. Kyle replied, "I give him to the end of the week." Well, father does know best and on Thursday morning I heard, "I don't want to go to school. It's too long." Ha, little does he know what's coming next year. Kyle's due in from Dallas late tonight, so I will try and post some pictures of his first day at school tomorrow.


DeeDee said...

Hey Marna - maybe you will do better at this than you do with email! HA!!! Your kids are so cute! Can't wait to see more pictures.

Kim said...

Oh wow I can not believe that Jake started Kindergarten. What is even harder to believe is my little boy started his senior year of high school (well I guess he is no longer little) and Emmy started Jr. High. Wow they grow up fast.

Nanny said...

How time flyes.It seems like it was just yesterday that you and Kyle your parents and us went to dinner and you told us about Jake and then Jake standing by your bed to tell us he was going to be a big brother.Give Jake and Kailey a special kiss from Pa and I and tell them we love them very much and also we love you and Kyle.


nanny said...

Its time for some new pictures of those precious kids nanny