Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well, what a night!! I was originally opposed to Halloween. To be honest, it still makes my heart heavy and a little frightened to know what some use the holiday to celebrate. But my kids love it. They have so much fun, and to see the joy and excitement they have, how could I not enjoy it? We had some friends over for an early dinner and then we all went out together to trick or treat. We all had a ball. Kailey Elizabeth didn't really understand what was coming, but once she got the hang of it, get out of her way. Her bag was as big as she is, and she would be trying to run with it yelling at the bigger kids, "Hey wait for me!" The sacker at the grocery store today asked her if she was going to get candy tonight, she told him, "No, I'm going trick or treating." She was so good at saying trick or treat and would always say thank you. Everyone was so impressed and thought she was the cutest thing. I now realize they were impressed because they don't realize how old she actually is. Now, the costume she is wearing was made the very impressive Mimi, and it was worn by Micah and Jake. I'll try and get some pictures of them on here wearing them. Anyway, here are the pictures. Hope everyone had a GREAT day celebrating the good things in life, friends, family, and especially kids!!