Sunday, October 21, 2007


Reading over the blog I've realized that I tend to start my post with either OK or Yes. I have decided to branch out and try to use other words. Wow, when did my life become so complicated?! Anyway, I've written before about my struggle to find a consistent schedule. I've done pretty well with the whole school and nap thing. Now I'm on to trying to get other things into that schedule. One big schedule issue for me is exercise. I really enjoy running on my treadmill. A few weeks ago, we had our garage floor epoxied(SP?) It is beautiful in there now and we don't want to move anything back in. It's like having an additional room. We even bought exercise equipment mats to put the treadmill, bike and weight set on. Back to the story, I decided that now I can run while the kids are awake and they can come in the beautiful garage with me. How, you ask yourself, do they occupy their time? By riding bikes of course! It reminds me of when we were young and use to turn our garage into a skating rink. Well, this is how it turned out...pretty good I think and the kids had a ball!!! Oh no, there goes my excuse...guess I'll just have to think of another one.


The White Family said...

Glad to see a new post Marna, I check on you all weekly. The garage looks great. You are such a safety mom with helmets in the garage and everything. I guess we live life dangerously around here. :)

KeithJonesBlog said...

Wow, someone is experimenting with templates.