Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Days of Kindergarten

Jake has successfully completed kindergarten. It is bitter sweet for me. I was fortunate to have him in a half day kindergarten, so he was still home most of the day. With the start of 1st grade, I realize he will be gone for most of the day. I'm really going to miss him. Of course, I thank God every day that he is growing and healthy. I realize it is a blessing that he is developing and moving on. If he weren't, there would be a problem and I would never wish for that. Here are some pictures of him with his teacher, Mrs. Wornick. The aid, Mrs. Ford. With his certificate he got at their little graduation ceremony. Kindergarten got off to a rocky start, but went so much better than I could have hoped for. It has given him a love a school and for that, I am truly grateful. It was some crazy weather on the last day. At the beginning of the week we were at 100 degrees. (Not uncommon for us.) But that Thursday night a storm blew in. (VERY uncommon for us.) Friday the high was in the low 60's. We all had to wear long sleeves and I had to dig out jackets. Crazy. Friday morning, the teacher had set up a breakfast before the graduation ceremony. Then they had their last chapel of the year. What I failed to mention was that we had been out galavanting the night before. Thursday happened to be high school graduation, and since Kyle was out of town, the kids and I went and did the youth minister thing and partied like it was 1999. Kailey was worn to a frazzle, but kept in together pretty well...until we got home. The picture tells the story. This is how I found her in the den, on the floor, asleep...naked...go figure. I promise I was not out of the room that long.


The White Family said...

I know what you mean about missing kids all day, that's one of the things that I dreaded about 1st grade. You know you could always homeschool! I had to throw that plug in there. You would be an AWESOME teacher for Jake! :)

The Rhino Fam said...

Oh Marna; that picture of Kailey is priceless! I love it!! It is so fun for me to get to preview what my life will be like with Kins. I can't believe Jake is getting so big! I still remember teaching him in the toddler class when you all first came to church and how to tried to "hush" Turner up!