Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hold on... there's still more

More pictures of our Fab Vaca


Sorry that it's been so long, folks...I'm sure you are all holding your breath to see what earth changing events have been happening at the Wewe house as of late. Well, wait no longer! Actually, life has been good here. God afforded us the opportunity to take a wonderful trip to Maui. (DISCLAIMER: SHAMELESS BRAGGING ABOUT TO BEGIN.) In October of 06', Kyle took a sales position within Avaya. At the end of Sept. of '07, he had done SO WELL, that he was one of their top sales guys IN THE NATION. So, because of his hard work, the company gave him a trip to Maui. It was wonderful and very much deserved. I will on any day of the week, pit Kyle's drive and work ethic against anyones. Avaya would do well to have 4 or 5 more Kyle's on their team. Any company would. The best part is that Kyle knows what's important. Avaya pays the bills, but Kyle works for the church as the youth minister also. He works just as hard for Gateway c of C, if not harder. God is already saying, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

My mom was generous enough to fly out and stay with the kids while we were gone. She did the whole school and church thing and kept the house running like a fine oiled machine. No one missed a beat. We talked to the kids every night, but they only wanted to know what we were bringing them. Did not miss us in the least! Any way, here are some pictures of us, Hawaii, and the kids with Mimi.