Sunday, October 19, 2008

Well Of Course...

Just for a laugh.

I came upstairs this evening to find a laundry basket of clean, folded clothes all over the floor. Now, knowing my children, there was no question who had committed this crime. The fact that a baby doll now occupied the basket sealed her fate. When I asked her about it, and threw in a "Don't do that again" she replied with this, "BUT Mommy there were crocodiles on the floor!!". Well of course there are...that explains it all.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Great Weather, Great Picnics

Before the weather gets hot again, and since this is fall break, the kids and I packed a picnic and rode our bikes over to the park. It was great and we had a good time. And it did not take long for Kailey to crash when we got home. Kyle's taking the end of the week off so I'm sure we will have more adventures to share later.

Sunday Afternoon Naps

Cardinal Stadium

We have a friend who took us on a tour of the stadium where the Cardinals attempt to play football. Of course, we jumped at the chance to go. I was excited to go because it was Saturday before they hosted the beloved Cowboys on Sunday, (but let's don't discuss the outcome.) and Troy Aikman had been in the stadium on Friday. Anyway, here are the kids on the the field, in the visitors locker room and Jake in the press box. We all had a good time.

Friday, October 10, 2008


One of these pictures is of the loot Jake brought home from school today. His teacher uses a coupon system to reward behavior and for turning in homework on time, etc. At the end of every quarter, they can "buy" items with their coupons. I was really proud of the fact that he even bought something for Kailey. And it really was for K, because it was chocolate and we all know he doesn't want that.

Jake's Birthday

Jake's birthday was on a Saturday this year, so we got to have the party on the actual day. This is the first year we've had it outside of our house. He chose an indoor amusement place and had a great time. We started the day with a treasure hunt at home for his presents from us. Kyle did a great job with writing clues to lead to the next prize/clue. They sure are lucky to have Kyle as their dad.

Arts and Crafts

Here are some art projects Kailey's done at school and Jake did the foot art for his class. Both kids also ended up being the superstar student of their class on the same week. I've scaled it WAY back from last years poster. Anyway, enjoy