Wednesday, October 31, 2007


And the answer is: Jake. I know I've said it before, but I still can't believe any child of mine doesn't like chocolate. He's daddy doesn't either, so I guess they are two peas in pod. Today at school they had a little party. They played the game were you guess how many pieces of candy are in the jar. This is the story I was told on the way home from school. "Kevin won the candy. You had to guess how much was in the jar. I put down a wrong number because it was chocolate and I didn't want it." Ha, kindergarten and we're already throwing competitions.

From the Mouths of Babes

Have you ever heard yourself coming through your child's mouth? I did today, and thankfully it was pretty good. And extremely funny. Jake has really taken off in school and Kyle and I try to really be excited about what's going on so that he knows that education is very important to us. Today on the way home from school, we were discussing what was in his back pack. Well, Kailey wanted to be a part so I asked Jake if he had a worksheet she could look at. He willingly gave her one. She looked at it and replied, "Jake, did you do this? All by yourself? That's great, I'm so proud of you. Give me five." Ha, I had to laugh.

Happy Halloween

Well, what a night!! I was originally opposed to Halloween. To be honest, it still makes my heart heavy and a little frightened to know what some use the holiday to celebrate. But my kids love it. They have so much fun, and to see the joy and excitement they have, how could I not enjoy it? We had some friends over for an early dinner and then we all went out together to trick or treat. We all had a ball. Kailey Elizabeth didn't really understand what was coming, but once she got the hang of it, get out of her way. Her bag was as big as she is, and she would be trying to run with it yelling at the bigger kids, "Hey wait for me!" The sacker at the grocery store today asked her if she was going to get candy tonight, she told him, "No, I'm going trick or treating." She was so good at saying trick or treat and would always say thank you. Everyone was so impressed and thought she was the cutest thing. I now realize they were impressed because they don't realize how old she actually is. Now, the costume she is wearing was made the very impressive Mimi, and it was worn by Micah and Jake. I'll try and get some pictures of them on here wearing them. Anyway, here are the pictures. Hope everyone had a GREAT day celebrating the good things in life, friends, family, and especially kids!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Reading over the blog I've realized that I tend to start my post with either OK or Yes. I have decided to branch out and try to use other words. Wow, when did my life become so complicated?! Anyway, I've written before about my struggle to find a consistent schedule. I've done pretty well with the whole school and nap thing. Now I'm on to trying to get other things into that schedule. One big schedule issue for me is exercise. I really enjoy running on my treadmill. A few weeks ago, we had our garage floor epoxied(SP?) It is beautiful in there now and we don't want to move anything back in. It's like having an additional room. We even bought exercise equipment mats to put the treadmill, bike and weight set on. Back to the story, I decided that now I can run while the kids are awake and they can come in the beautiful garage with me. How, you ask yourself, do they occupy their time? By riding bikes of course! It reminds me of when we were young and use to turn our garage into a skating rink. Well, this is how it turned out...pretty good I think and the kids had a ball!!! Oh no, there goes my excuse...guess I'll just have to think of another one.

"End of Summer Party"...although it's already October

Yes, you read it correctly. We attended a Farewell to summer party that the city puts on. Of course, it was about a month ago, but we have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to post the pictures. It's Jake and Kailey Elizabeth on the rides and in the bounce houses. The lines were a mile long, (maybe not a mile, but long...) and my children were very upset they didn't get to ride all of the rides they wanted. We had a lot of fun anyway.

Friday, October 5, 2007

"I Went Skydivin, I Went Rocky Mountain Climbin..."

Yes, that is my husband several THOUSAND feet in the air. He and our friend, Travis, went skydiving last Saturday. A woman Kyle works with does this all the time, so she set them up with where to go. The story is, Travis is in our youth group. For a while now he's been talking about how "When I turn 18, I'm going skydiving." Well, Travis turned 18 in September and Kyle was not letting him out of it. They had a great time, were quite proud of themselves, but aren't sure they'd ever do it again. They did get a t-shirt out of the deal, and they both proudly wore it to church on Sunday. I'd be wearin that shirt everyday. I told them, "The only way I'm jumping out of a plane is if it's on fire, and even then, you might have to push me." I love Jake and Kailey's reaction, they tell anyone that their daddy jumped out of a plane. When asked if he wanted to do that, Jake's response was NO WAY! This week Kyle is in Nashville for a national sales conference. Jake has told a couple of people this week that, "Now we don't have a daddy, just a mommy." Simply because Kyle is out of town. On Wednesday night at our small group, he informed everyone that, "My daddy jumped out of a plane and now we don't have a daddy anymore." We have to work on conversation flow. Needless to say, our small group thought it was hilarious. Here are the pictures, my mom is probably tossing her cookies...