Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kailey Elizabeth

Wow, as I sit to write this post, I'm overcome with emotion. So much happiness and a little sadness at how fast time is passing. Kailey, you are such a firecracker. So much curiosity, energy and spirit. You fear nothing and can conquer everything. My life has been so blessed with your presence. You have stretched me to the limits, and taught me more about parenting than I ever could have imagined. Life is so much more fun because of you. You love deeply and are already passionate at your tender age. You are tender and tough. You stir my spirit with the praise songs you sing all day. I love the fact that you are so much like your dad. I also love the fact that you love to hear me say, "You rock, Kailey!". I pray this blessing for you and your life: May the Lord find favor in you. May you always hunger to know Him and have a heart that seeks Him. May you be blessed with health and happiness. I love you Kailey, and can't image life with out you.

More pictures

Kailey turns 3

I can not believe what I just wrote, but it is true. My baby is three years old. She got to choose where to go to eat, Chuck E. Cheese, and then we came home for cupcakes and candles. Kyle and I decided to get her a little playhouse to put outside. Jake and Kyle went to pick it up on Monday and then spent this afternoon setting it up. I'm not sure who was more excited about it, her or Jake, because he got to be such a big part of the surprise. Kyle did a beautiful job of creating a little play area for them in the corner of the yard. He bought them a tree swing. Then on Monday he cut back the limbs to make everything fit perfectly under the tree. He also laid out a brick foundation and created a little flower garden just for the new "club house." He is such a great girl's dad. We also moved the sand box over to the same area of the yard so that they have their own little oasis. (DISCLAIMER: When I use the term 'we' I mean Kyle.) We are going to have a small party on Saturday, so come back for those pictures. One little note. I guess the house needed some plumbing work done, but it's ok, Kailey got it taken care of. (This is one slight problem we have now that there is no diaper to keep the pants up.)

A Very Happy Mommy

This is what happiness looks like. Guess who's potty trained???!!! That's right folks, we are officially diaper free. Kailey gave us the hint. Last week, yes last week...(read, it took less than a week to do this) she started going to sit on the potty and pee-pee after Kyle got her out of the bath. So after three straight days of this, I decided, the time had come and we were going full panties. The first day was great. She was on the potty every ten minutes. When she got done, a loud announcement came. "Come see what I did!" The first two days, she didn't do so well on outings, but after that...beautiful. I can hear the money from diapers we no longer have to buy just pouring into our account. We even made it under the three year birthday mark. Thank goodness for kids who are willing to potty train themselves. Easy breezy lemon squeezy.

Another One bites the dust...

Jake may not have too many teeth left at the rate he's going. This one was a lot less stressful than the last one. We talked him into letting Kyle pull it. It went something like this: "OW!! Hey, were did it go?" Not bad. The best part, neither son nor dad is mad at mom.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tragedy strikes the Wewe house and, and I still win the Mom of theYear Award

Here it is, the tooth is gone, but there is a story that goes along with it. On Tuesday evenings, we host a small group bible study in our house. After school, things get a little hectic on these days. Today was no exception. When we got home from school, I put Kailey down for a nap, went downstairs and began getting ready for this evening. Jake got to watch 30 minutes of T.V. and then it was on to homework. In the course of beginning homework, he mentioned he would like a snack and could he have an apple. Well, (now this is were the mother of the year and wife of the year award come in to play) I didn't think anything of it and said, "SURE!" So, homework begins and so does the snacking. I on the other hand, am cleaning up the kitchen, not paying much attention. I look over, to see him chewing on the side of his mouth. I also notice a gaping hole in the front. SO... I say, "Jake, your tooth is gone. Is it in your mouth?" To which he replies, "WHAAAAAAAAA!!!" He starts checking his apple, but is crying so hard. He did NOT want to swallow that tooth. just got worse. I called Kyle, and said "Jake has something he wants to tell you. " To which Kyle says, "MARNA!" I tried to defend myself by telling him I didn't pull it, but apparently that doesn't ease the blow of not being able to be here for the event or for not having the tooth to hold on to. I have evidently failed everyone but Kailey, who could care less. After much consolation, we convinced him he could leave a note for the tooth fairy. That I will be able to keep. Now for some interpretation, the note reads, " I accidentally swallowed my tooth. I ate an apple." Notice the drawing of the tooth going from the mouth to the belly. Wow, what a day. What a gamut of emotions. There is something so grown up about losing teeth. Not sure I'm ready...

Monday, April 7, 2008

I forgot the tooth, pardon me...

Here's the tooth. He's pushing on it with his tongue.

Loose tooth, playdough penguins and 3D movies

Just some random pictures of the kiddos. Jake is about to lose his first baby tooth and I wanted to get a picture of it before it goes. I'll post new ones when it's gone. If it wouldn't freak him out, (and qualify me for mom of the year) I would go ahead and pull it, but he will, so I won't.

Did you know the desert has a "Botanical Gardens"?

For a field trip, Jake's Kindergarten class went to the Botanical Gardens. Now don't let the pictures fool you, all of the butterflies were in a special butterfly garden that was enclosed. It was a really beautiful day and was perfect for being outside. The best part was it's just down the road from Kyle's office and he was able to join us for lunch.

Lent Service, Yeah you heard me!

Kinda funny coming from a good ole CofC kinda girl like me. Jake's goes to a Lutheran school, so he was part of the "preservice music for one of the Lent services." They sang some really great songs that actually brought tears to my eyes. My little boy is growing up! Such a kind spirit he has. I'm so proud of who he is. Although, I'm not sure how the church felt about Jake using their "baptismal fount" as an arm rest. Hey, you can't blame the kid, we meet at a school and don't even have a regular baptistery.

Easter 2008

So much to catch up on. Here are pictures of our trip to Tx. Some are of the kids with my nephew Bryce and my cousins little girl, Savannah. One picture is of me and my mom, and my sister. I love this picture SO MUCH, because I love them so much.