Monday, September 10, 2007

A Busy Weekend

We had a great weekend at the Wewe household. It was busy, but good. Actually, this entire week has been busy. At Gateway we have a very special kid's program called Crosstown. "Crosstown is a place where kids bring their parents to learn." It is a big theatrical production that starts with singers and dancers, and has a drama presentation every week. Kyle happens to be one of two "host" so he is on every week. I play the part of Mrs. F and am on just occasionally. Anyway, back to the real story. Crosstown took a break for the summer and just resumed this Sunday. The idea was brought up that maybe we could revamp the set, which happens to be a club house. WELL, Kyle took the initiative (our Crosstown virtue this month) and re-did the set himself. Every night after work he would lay it all out in our garage and driveway and worked away. He will tell you that it was a great ministry tool. So many people st oped to ask what he was working on. He did a marvelous job and the set looks awesome, but he was up past midnight every night trying to get it done. He is a man of many talents, maybe too many. Did I mention that Gateway is without a preacher. Can anyone guess who might be filling in? You're right. Our very own Daddy. He and our involvement minister are rotating on a three week on, three week off basis. And this weekend he was on. He has done a wonderful job in this position too. The last two Sundays he has spoken about being what the Potter created you to be and fulfilling the role that he has planned for you. He took on the theory that busyness does not always relate to doing what God has called us to do. I plan on putting up the set pictures pretty soon for you guys to see.


K_Man said...

The set was awesome and Kyle has been doing a great job of preaching. I have really been appreciating his lessons. Hopefully they are sinking in. Let's get the aprons out and get going!

Kim said...

Hey Marna if they make copies of the sermon I sure would like some. Just let me know if they do and what they cost I will send some money your way. I love listening to my brother preach.