Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The new soccer season started on Saturday. Luckily for our family all our games start at 10a.m. Perfect. Jake is on the same team he's been on for the last four seasons. There are several of them who have been together that entire time. I think it's finally starting to click with them. On Saturday they scored 5 or 6 goal. (There is no OFFICIAL score kept.) They also stopped several balls. Jake played in the goal for one quarter and he stopped 3 balls himself. I was quite proud of him because he "pounced" on each of them, just like they've been working on in practice. He's also gotten much better at being aggressive and going after the ball. When he first started soccer he would cry because the other kids weren't stopping to let him kick the ball. After a couple of seasons and some explaining of how this game is actually played, he stopped taking it so personally.


The White Family said...

Marna- I am so proud of Jake. At least he gets the whole team sport thing. We are too scared to put Madison in soccer given her fits of rage in our own backyard. When she doesn't like that you are sharing the ball she picks it up and runs, not to mention kicking Georgia a couple of time when she was down. Maybe they need to be on the same team... Madison the aggressor and Jake the defense man.