Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thank Heaven for Little Girls, and Great Friends!

O.K. So it is no secret that at the Wewe house, we LOVE bows. Kailey has literally worn a bow every single day of her life. You know we live by the saying, "Fake it till you make it." Well, we replaced Texas big hair with big bows. The problem was, you can not find a decent sized, shaped, or colored bow around here. I have been obtaining bows for the past two years by either 1) bringing them home from Arlington with me or 2) ordering them online. Either way was not easy on the pocket book. Well, lucky me two of my friends have had babies in the past 6 months. And anyone want to venture a guess as to the gender? You guessed it, GIRLS! And to my good fortune, they like bows. Now to the really good news, they have learned to make them on their own. Recently they informed me they would teach me, and clued me in to a ribbon store that is beyond fabulous. SO, yesterday, the two of them, their cuties and my friend Kim, who has a three year old daughter and an adorable baby boy, all came over for lunch and a "Teach Marna how to save thousands on car insurance, I mean, thousands on hair bows." day. Evidently Kim, whom I have termed the Martha Stewart of our group, has been holding out on me these two years, because she herself is quite the artist with a ribbon and clip. I should have known, she's pretty good at those sorts of things. (She's a hygienist to boot.) Anyway, we had to greatest time, or I had the greatest time, and learned to do something that I enjoy and can be enjoyed for a while. I'm so excited. Now we can be very matchy matchy with our bows. Thank you Kim, Toni and Erin. Without friends like you, I'd be a lot poorer. Kyle thanks you too. Soon to come, Pictures of Kailey in bows created by her mother.


Kim said...

Oh WOW those are cute. When you come to Texas you are going to have to show me how to make them. Laynee also has a bow in her hair and I just spent about 40.00 on new bows for her because one will break or we will loose it. Those are really cute and I cant wait to see pics of her with them in her hair.

The White Family said...

See how easy it is Marna. I had one of Georgia's friends mom's show me last year how to make them to match their outfits for our painting we had done. I was amazed, and couldn't believe I hadn't figured it out sooner. You will have to show me the curly kind because I am only versed on the regular type of hair bows. Who knew Erin and Toni would become so baby crafty?