Friday, September 7, 2007

A day in the life of a Kindergartner

Today was a big day. Jake attended his first "school birthday party." It was for a little girl in his class named Corinne. She just turned 5, which makes her almost an entire year younger than Jake. Anyway, she had a swimming party at her house before school this morning. Jake, who is turning into a social butterfly, could not wait. He came running into our room this morning sounding the alarm "Get up, today is the birthday party!!!". So, up we got and off we went. He had a great time and was not keen on the idea of leaving to go to school. Oh man, the life of a kindergartner. Because Jake attends a Christian school, they have bible built into their day. I am quite taken with the fact that they have a special prayer time where the teacher ask for prayer request. The hearts of those kids are so wonderful it's easy to understand why Jesus uses them as our example. Another part of their week is a chapel service. Well, at each chapel the kids are given a chance to give an offering. They send home these little envelopes and the kids put their coins in and bring them back to give at chapel. Me, just being the mom, didn't really think this through. So since we give every week at our home congregation, and Jake gives on Sundays too, I didn't send anything yesterday. What a disaster. I got an earful from a teary eyed 5 year old. "EVERYONE had a little envelope and they got to give it to the guy playing music and I didn't have one!". Now, why, after all this time has he suddenly become so observant of what is going on around him? I guess I really screwed up. For one thing, I didn't remember that it was chapel day and second of all, I don't know where I put those stinkin' envelopes. You better believe I sent the teacher and email asking about offering etiquette and begging for more envelopes. This mom won't let it happen again. I HOPE...