Saturday, September 1, 2007

We Solved the Case and Now Have 1st Day of School Pictures. (How's that for a title?)

The case has been solved. I must admit, I thought maybe Kailey Elizabeth was our main suspect, but alas, it was her daddy. Kyle evidently put the camera in his "church backpack" on Sunday morning and forgot about it. Since he doesn't use the backpack for the rest of the week, we didn't search it until last night. There it was! Hooray!!! So now we have school pictures. School, by the way, is going great. The more I see and talk to the teacher, the more I like her.

Now to the pictures, there are so many to choose from. If you look closely you will see that Kailey is wearing her polka dot backpack. She is so ready for school. Everyday she says, "Where's my backpack?" and when we get to school she'll say, "I go to school." She hates it that she can't stay. We have not found a mother's day out program around here. Jake went to preschool at the school he attends now. Their start age is 3, so she still has eight months. Until then she's stuck with me.


Kim said...

Tell Jake he looks so handsome in his school clothes and backpack. And tell Kailey that her cousin Emilee is really jealous because she has the backpack Emmy wanted and havent been able to find it anywhere so she had to settle on something different for school. Even though I am sure that the day we find it we will have to buy it. Robert and Emmy started school on Monday and Emmy was put into two Pre-AP classes (math and reading) due to her high scores on her TAKS test so I am sure we will have such a fun year with lots of homework. Robert is taking his senior year in stride, he has late arrival so he doesnt have to be at school until 9:00 every day and his "B" day he only has one man course cause he has Auto Shop for 3 hours and then he is in football.