Saturday, September 1, 2007

Celebrate Jake Day

After the first day of school we decided to go to Amazing Jake's for the finish of what we termed "Celebrate Jake Day". Amazing Jake's is a glorified mix of Chuck E. Cheese's and Dave and Busters. I thought you might enjoy just a few pictures from the after school festivities.

One more great story. Jake picked his first day of school outfit from the new clothes we bought him. He choose this one based on the fact that his shorts had a belt. No other thought was put into it. Just that it had a belt. He let me choose the shirt. The same kind of thought went in to the shoes we bought for school. The school required that we have closed toe shoes. Well, at our house we owned nothing but flip flops. So, we had to buy new tennis shoes. While shopping, we discovered a pair of Sketchers that had a mini flashlight in the box. Well, the looking was over and there was no consideration of any others. Ginger said Sketchers has a good marketing department. I agree.


The White Family said...

How cute, you all are too good making it a whole day event for everyone. Jake sounds like a typical boy with clothing. No thought given what so ever. Kailey looks so sassy and cute with her matching bibs and all.